“We are on holiday in Dubai and visited GITEX Shopper as we wanted camera accessories. At the show,

I decided to upgrade and bought a Canon DSLR bundle deal as the prices were far cheaper than the

ones at home. It’s a great atmosphere with fantastic deals & offers. We would highly recommend the event,even to tourists such as ourselves.”

Raif Weir, German, living in the UK

“The prices at GITEX Shopper are unbeatable compared to anywhere else in Dubai. This is the third year I have visited the show. I come for the best deals and got a great offer on a Hitachi refrigerator this time.”

Rashid Abdulla, Emirati living in Dubai

“I have heard about GITEX Shopper for a while now and I was told that there are great deals on the latest technology and gadgets. I got a great deal on a Samsung Galaxy during a flash sale at one of the stalls and it worked out a lot cheaper than at the store.”

Patrick Arooma, South African living in Dubai

“It’s my first time visiting the show and it’s been a great experience! I’m going home on vacation soon so it’s been a great chance to buy gifts for family. It’s good to see all products in one place & compare prices before you buy.”

Rohan Singh, Indian living in Dubai

 “It’s well-known that GITEX Shopper has the best offers and prices when it comes to tech products and gadgets. You can also get a lot of bonus freebies with your purchase which is always a plus. That is why I came to the show to buy a laptop.”

Muna Qurani, Syrian living in Sharjah

“I visited GITEX Shopper to buy some headphones. I heard from my colleagues, as well as from all the promotions, that this event is one of the best places to get a good deal on electronics. I bought the JBL Bluetooth headphones, and got another headset FREE!.”

Mikel Mouranez, Filipino living in Dubai

 “I came to GITEX Shopper to get a camera and a mobile for my son. We look forward to every edition of the show to get the best deals. We also tried the virtual reality roller coaster ride on the Samsung stand which was very enjoyable.”

Nishantha Peiris, Sri Lankan living in Sharjah

“I came from Oman to get great deals. I have bought phones, laptops and a camera so far. It’s a great place to shop for electronic items and gadgets.”

Khalfan Omar, Omani visitor