What to look for in an all-in-one printer

Ease of use.

From installation to selecting the different features and options, you need to be able to easily access your all-in-one printer's features and functions, and to solve any problems that might arise.

Fast performance.

Slow print speed might be an acceptable trade-off in a home situation, but if you print a lot of documents, an all-in-one printer that takes its time can get tough to live with in a hurry.

Great print quality.

Even for personal or internal business use, crisp, clear text is a must - and the bar is raised if you want to create output for clients. Some all-in-one printers struggle with graphics and, especially, photos. If photos are a big part of what you expect your multifunction printer to produce, take that into consideration when making your choice. (See below for some guidance.)

Robust core features.

Few all-in-one printers can manage all three functions as well as a top-notch stand-alone printer, copier, and scanner. However, the best multifunction printers do at least a very good job at all three tasks.

Useful extras.

Features such as automatic two-sided printing (duplexing) and an automatic document feeder (ADF) can make using an all-in-one printer that much easier. The same goes for large-capacity trays or extra trays – included or available – for different paper stocks, such as photo paper or envelopes. Web features allow for direct printing from websites or receiving documents over email remotely or from mobile devices.

Reasonable cost per page.

In many cases, the cost of an all-in-one printer pales next to the cost of keeping it in ink or toner over the course of its lifetime. To avoid being hammered by this expense, choose a printer with a low cost per page, especially if you do a lot of printing.

Source: Consumersearch.com