What the best karaoke machine has

What the best karaoke machine has

Decent audio quality.

The system should include either a decent set of built-in speakers or an audio output to connect it to your home stereo's speakers.

Multiple music sources.

Look for a machine that can stream music from a variety of devices, such as an included CD+G player, a home CD or DVD player, an MP3 player or a smartphone.

A display screen for lyrics.

Some karaoke machines come with a built-in display, while others hook up to a TV set or tablet computer.

Easy setup.

Machines designed for home use should be basically plug-and-play.

Intuitive controls.

It should be easy to adjust the volume of your voice and the backing tracks, as well as switch between different musical inputs.

Sturdy construction.

Karaoke parties can get a bit rowdy, so look for a machine that will stand up to rough handling.

A warranty.

Even a short warranty of one to three months will protect you in case you end up with a lemon.

Source: Consumersearch.com