Your next external hard drive should have these

Your next external hard drive should have these

Ease of use.

It should be simple to set up the drive and configure the software (if any), even if you're not that tech-savvy. All of our top-rated drives work with PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices, and some work directly with Kindle Fire and social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr and YouTube (although you'll need to download free apps from the manufacturer for some of these functions).


The best drives will both read and write files quickly, although speed will vary depending on what kind of connection you use. All of the drives in this report are compatible with USB 3.0 and backward compatible with the slower USB 2.0.

Long-lasting build quality.

You may not need an ultra-tough drive that can withstand fire and flooding, but at the least, you want one that can withstand everyday problems like a power outage or falling off a desk.

Good warranty.

In addition to protecting you if your external hard drive breaks, a long warranty (at least two years) is a sign of reliability. However, don't expect the warranty to cover data recovery; the manufacturer will try to save your lost data, but it will cost extra.

Bang for your buck.

Great news: Price-per-terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) keeps plummeting. Expect to pay half what you would have paid just a few years ago: The typical price for 1 TB of storage is around AED100 to AED150 for a portable or desktop hard drive, though some ultraportable drives are considerably pricier.